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September 16, 2016

We started NPK Live as something fun to do in our spare time and to give a little back to our customers and people who follow us online. After 20 episodes and the London Grow show in 2014, we saw how many people were actually tuning in and enjoying our show, so we thought we need to give a little more and up our game. We bought new microphones, a portable mixer, recorder and got better quality podcasts for the Barcelona grow show 2015. We have now decided to improve our podcasts further from 02/04/15 and pay for high-quality downloads so our listeners get the best experience.

On the 10th September 2016, we have launched a dedicated NPK Live page ( for a more interactive podcast experience. Now we are doing live recordings of the podcast, talking to the listeners, writing blogs and having a good time with everyone that has followed us all of these years.

We're also a few weeks away from finishing our recording studio which will improve the audio even more and give the listener a better experience. 

We hope you enjoy listening to future podcasts and we are always looking at ways to improve so you find the information more enjoyable to listen and watch.

Thank you for listening, you make it all worth while,

The NPK Team
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