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The state of the industry: Podcast 165 - NPK Hydroponics Live

State of the industry

Back into the swing of things at NPK HQ, Stephen and Barry discuss the state of the UK hydroponics industry. 

What do you think of our chat?

Did you agree or disagree?

Let us know!


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The Circle of Life: Podcast 164 - NPK Hydroponics live

The Circle of Life

Seeds, cuttings, clones and young plants

This week Barry becomes emotional over the Lion King and Stephen keeps it on track talking about the circle of life with seeds and cuttings. The best ways to get them to sprout and how to look after them during this crucial stage.

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Thank you to all our listeners, we hope you enjoy this week's episode.


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The return of Barry and Ste: Podcast 163 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

NPK Live is back!

The return of Barry and Ste for podcast 163

We talk about where we've been, what we've been doing and what's happening over the next year.


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So happy to be back, it's going to be an eventful year ahead.


The NPK Live team


NPK Live best bits part IV: Podcast 162 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

The final instalment from NPK Live's best bits - 2017 to our latest podcasts. We hope you've enjoyed these last few podcasts looking back over the last 4 years and we can't wait to bring the next set of podcasts over the coming years.

Have a great day,

The NPK Team

Instagram: @NPK_Hydroponics


NPK Live best bits part III (Howard Marks special): Podcast 161 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

Hi again growers,


We're back and for this episode, we've got part III of the NPK Live best bits from 2016-2017. The majority of this podcast is the best bits from my personal favourite podcast with Howard Marks, the international drug smuggler.

Next week we've got the final part of NPK Live best bits part IV and after that we're back in full flow ready to put the industry to rights once again.

You know you've missed us ;)

Tell your friends where to listen to the best hydroponics podcast in the world!

Have a great day,



An interview with Revolution DEva: Podcast 160 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

Live at the Autopot Summer Social

Stephen chats with Greg and Marissa of Revolution DEva to discuss Gregs' achievement as an engineer, he built an aeroplane and flew its maiden flight, as well as building a hydroelectric dam and has now turned his eye to the horticulture lighting industry which he's been taking by storm.

Listen in and welcome back to the new season of The NPK Live hydroponics podcast!



The best of NPK Live Part II: Podcast 159 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE


Welcome back listeners, how's the summer so far?

This week is part 2 of NPK Live best bits with tips, tricks and funny bits from 2015 and 2016. We had started to get a little better at this podcast madness so it started to become a lot easier to listen to and also when our downloads really started to take off.

Thank you all again for the support shown by our listeners, we love you all!

Have a great week and speak to you all soon,

NPK Live 


Summer break part 1: Podcast 158 - NPK Hydroponics Live

We're back... and going at the same time.

For the next 4 weeks, we'll be revisiting some past episodes of NPK Live and listening to the best bits, tips and interviews we've had over the years.

Hope you enjoy and we look forward to being back in September for a fresh grow season and starting to look at new topics in the hydroponics and freshly emerging medicinal cannabis market. 

Have a great summer,


NPK Live


Medicinal Cannabis in the UK: Podcast 157 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

Medicinal Cannabis in the UK?

This week Stephen is joined by Liam from WHG as they talk about medicinal cannabis in the UK and the politics, legislation and science behind the compound of CBD.

Interested to hear your thoughts and opinions on this subject so get in touch through Instagram @npk_hydroponics and send the team a DM.

Have great day and we'll speak to you all soon,

NPK Hydroponics Live


Pointless percentages: Podcast 156 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

Welcome back to another episode of NPK Hydroponics Live

This week it's problem percentages.

Stephen an Barry talk about the percentages on bottles and how they increase yields by X, Y and Z amounts...

So if we add 10 bottles that increase yields by 20%, we're getting 200% increases in yields?


Listen in and find out what we think,

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One love podcast family,

NPK Live


Billionaire Beef: Podcast 155 - NPK Hydroponics live

We've got beef with the billionaires

A particular group of billionaires, who sack 194 people because their books don't balance. 194 people who helped to build this industry and have families or people that rely on them.

I want the UK industry to start sticking together and become bigger than the billionaires!

Have a great day hydro fam.

NPK Hydroponics Live


Managing your media: Podcast 154 - NPK Hydroponics live

Welcome back to episode 154 of NPK Hydroponics live, it's all about the media today, your growing media!

Coco, soil, pebbles, perlite, water and more...

How to use, choose and not lose with the media that's right for you.

Enjoy and let us know any questions or thoughts you've got,

NPK Hydroponics live


The importance of water: Podcast 153 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

How important is water to plants?

You know it's important, but why?

Why is water temperature, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, and pH all so important to optimal plant growth?

Today's episode, Stephen and Barry talk through the key points of water quality and how to improve yours.

Sit back, chill with a fat one and don't forget to get in touch through Instagram @NPK_Hydroponics.

NPK Live



Always take the weather (App) with you: Podcast 152 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you!

Today's podcast is about the weather changing and getting hotter if you're in the northern hemisphere.

What can you do to stay cool?

What can you give your plants to help?

Sit back, have a cuppa and enjoy podcast 152

NPK Hydroponics Live


The drama has gone: Podcast 151 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

Welcome back to another episode of NPK Live, 151 is a review of what happened on 150 and we discuss everyone's thoughts and opinions from the previous week.

Don't forget to share, like and subscribe to the podcast, we love seeing where everyone is listening from.

Have a great day and we'll be back again next week for 152.

Stephen and Thomas

NPK Hydroponics Live


The Hydro awards: Podcast 150 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

It's finally here, podcast 150 and the hydro awards with Stephen, Thomas, Slim, Jay, Aiden, Reg and special guest James from Mills who collected his award.

It's a long one, it always is when we all get together to chat hydro industry news. Things get heated when talking about the awards as we discuss who won and what our opinions were on them.

Thank you as always for downloading and listening,


Stephen and Thomas



On the road: Podcast 149 - NPK Hydroponics Live

Hi all,

Hope you're having a great bank holiday weekend in the UK and a good weekend around the world.

We took the podcast on tour with us this week as we went to Autopot HQ to film an episode of the NPK Show for season 2.

We had a chat as we walked around the stunning Autopot lab and discussed what Jason has got going on, then when we got home the next day for a meeting with Canna with had the pleasure of introducing Canna's marketing team leaders Josh.

Stay tuned for next week's podcast, it's 150, it's the hydro awards and we put the industry to rights...

See you next week,

Stephen and Thomas


The ‘Quest’ for the perfect environment: Podcast 148 - NPK Hydroponics live

For podcast 148 we were joined by Colman of Quest de-humidifiers...

A pretty boring podcast if we were just talking about de-humidifiers, so you're lucky that Colman really knows his stuff on all aspects of environment and just happens to sell one of the best de-humidifiers in the hydroponics industry.

Listen up, because a good environment is literally THE NUMBER 1 WAY TO IMPROVE YIELDS AND REDUCE PROBLEMS!

Did we shout that loud enough ;)

Enjoy and have a great week 

Stephen and Thomas

NPK Live


Greenhouse Feeding: Podcast 147 - NPK Hydroponics live

Welcome back to NPK Live and episode 147 with Greenhouse Powder feeding. 

We were joined by Dani and Jan to talk about their company, why Greenhouse believe they have the purest and cleanest powder feed with a mineral and organic range and also what it takes to be the owner of a global company through Arjan's mindset to run his company.

This was a really insightful podcast and a big thank you to Jan and Dani for flying from Holland to come to do this podcast.

Have a great week and we'll be back next Sunday with podcast 148.

Stephen and Thomas

NPK Live podcast


Mammoth P Part III (Cannabis around the world): Podcast 146 - NPK Hydroponics live

We're back with Colin from Mammoth P but this time, we'll be talking about the Cannabis industry as Colin see's it. 

Colin, one of the owners of Growcentia (The makers of Mammoth P) is quite literally one of the most hardworking people you'll meet. Over the last 6 months, since he was last in the NPK podcast booth, he's been all over the globe and toured extensively around the US. So who better to ask about the current state of Cannabis around the world and how different countries handle it.

We really enjoyed recording this podcast, so enjoy and have a great day wherever you're listening in the world.

Stephen and Thomas

NPK Live podcast